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New ABAA Announcements List

In response to many requests, we have established a new list,
ABAA-announcements.  Its purpose is to send e-mail announcements to
librarians, collectors, dealers, etc. about --

        - Book fairs and other ABAA sponsored public events
        - Changes and new features on the ABAA and ILAB Web sites
        - Public affairs announcements from ABAA and
          selected non-profit book-related organizations
        - New on-line catalogs from ABAA members, and new web sites
        - Availability of printed or e-mail catalogs from ABAA members,
          along with special events, including sales, sponsored by members
        - New books and other publications from ABAA and its membership
        - Selected informational materials of interest to collectors
          and library collections

This is a fully moderated list for announcements in the above categories
only. It will not replace current book-related discussion and sale lists,
and will not accept postings from subscribers or the general public (no
chat and no spam).  Our subscriber list is likewise closed to prevent misuse.

This list is being announced generally on book related lists and ABAA/ILAB
Web sites, so please excuse any duplicate messages.  The list will remain
open subscription, so anyone may subscribe by sending the message
"subscribe abaa-announcements" to majordomo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx which will
result in a security verification by return mail.  ("unsubscribe
abaa-announcements" works also.)

We promise not to inundate you, but to provide you with timely information
related to the very special world of antiquarian books.
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