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Re: Xerox transfer

Chris Herz wrote:

> Isn't this quite costly to use these oils as a transfer agent? I have
> used
> acetone and recall having to use it liberally over the image. Where do
> you get
> your oils if they are reasonable. I would prefer not to use the harsh
> chemicals
> as they are readily absorbed into the skin. ( I have trouble using
> gloves)

I've used oil of wintergreen and an almost-non-toxic solvent, Citra-Solv
with pretty good success. The o of w I ordered from a local Drug
Emporium at $12.00 for a pint. A little bit goes a long way...it's oil
which isn't as volatile as acetone. That's a lot of transfers. I've seen
oil of w for a lot more though, I don't have any idea what there's
differences in price.

The CItra-Solv is an orange-based solvent that also works good, leaves a
slight stain that goes away, and cost about $14.00 at local
natural/health food stores.

good luck


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