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Re: Xerox transfer

Melissa et al,

Oil of wintergreen is not 'non-toxic' - I ordered a liter through a medical
supply company and had to sign a release form stating that I had read of
the hazards of working with the material - the hazards are about the same
as working with many other solvents. Just because it smells 'good' doesn't
mean the vapors aren't harmful. When using ANY solvent, hand and eye
protection and adequate ventilation are advisable.
Alicia Bailey

>A good non-toxic way to do direct xerox transfers is to use oil of peppermint
>or oil of wintergreen.  I am a "solvent wimp" and try to avoid the chemicals
>and fumes in the transfer pens or acetone.  Not that the oils don't smell -
>they're very strong but they won't knock you out and the scent fades after a
>couple of days, as does the oil stain.
>Melissa Jay Craig, Chicago

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