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Re: vellum discretion

There are two suppliers of bookbinding materials who do mail order AND
carry vellum that I know of in this country. They are:

The Bookbinder's Warehouse

31 Division St.
Keyport, New Jersey 07735-1522

Tel: (908) 264-0306
Fax: (908) 264-8266
E-mail: KarenC5071@xxxxxxx

A complete line of bookbinding supplies, including leathers, vellum,
clasps, screw posts, brass type, bookcloth, and
book presses. Catalog available.


6001 66th Avenue
Suite 101
Riverdale, Maryland 20737

Tel: (301) 459-3384
Fax: (301) 459-7629
E-mail: BookMowery@xxxxxxx

Supplies and equipment for hand bookbinding, book conservation, paper
conservation, and book arts. Source for silk
and cotton headbands, brass book-screws, and gilding and tooling materials.

Rick also does mailorder and full information can be bound at his web page.

Rick Cavasin

68 Lightfoot Place
Kanata, Ontario K2L 3L9

Tel: 613-591-8612
E-mail: cav@xxxxxxxx

Handmade parchment, vellum, and tawed skins for calligraphy, illumination,
and bookbinding. Web site contains
information about parchment/vellum in general, as well as my
catalogue/price list.

>well, I say it is unfair because not everyone can live in NY!! (or wants
>to!) I wish I could find a source for vellum pieces closer to
>home..affordable.. like in Seattle. or by mail, I guess.
>leilx@xxxxxxxxxxx                                       leil james alexander

>>>       I love working in the library. There is             <<<
>>something to be said for working in a place bound in leather.<<

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