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Re: xerox transfer to fabric

In a message dated 97-11-24 22:35:01 EST, you write:

<< There is a great book out called "Imagery on Fabric", by Jean Ray Laury
 from C & T Publishing that goes into details about all the different types
 of transfers onto fabric. >>

There is also a book called Fabric Photos by Marjorie Croner. $12.95

The latex transfer paper used for heat transfers is very costly if purchased
in craft stores, two or three sheets at a time. You can purchase directly
from the manufacturers. Just get their names from the back of the transfer
sheet and find their addresses at the library, or, sometimes the 800#
operator. You may even have a listing in your telephone book yellow pages.
The drawback is they sell only in quantities of 100 or more...but get a few
people together, buy and divide.

Have fun.

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