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Re: xerox transfer

The crispest xerox transfers I have ever accomplished were done with oil
silk screen printing ink BASE. This is the medium you use to make make
the inks more transparent or easier to use. It is about the consistency
of jello pudding. This means it stays in place where you brush it
THINNLY onto the face of the xerox instead of running all over
everywhere as the liquid solvents do. TIP: brush the image only once,
the inks will be loosened and move if you brush again. (this of course
leads to terrific possibilities with adding brush strokes to the image.)

After you brush it on lay the xerox face down on your substrate and
apply pressure. A bone folder or other small hard object gives you the
option of transferring areas or adding expressionistic qualities by
rubbing with an incomplete, free stroke. (great calligraphic potential)
Or you  can run it through a press, preferably Litho.

Happy Thanksgiving, All  --Erin Moore

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