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Re: Re[2]: Fiskars flat-bed rotary cutter

matt -

the perforator blade is the reason i bought my fiskars cutter.  it works very
well.  remember that you can only cut one to a few sheets at a time, so for
large quantities, there is a lot of work involved.  it has, however, been
worth the trouble - for the price.

i did get a deckle blade, and several others, also.  they work well also.
 they also fit into the hand-held handles, which makes them even more
versatile.  the deckle blade gives much better results than the scissors type
which only cuts about an inch and a half at a time.  there is no need to try
to match up the pattern with the circular blade.

i don't use them much, but it's great to know when i need to do that sort of
cut, it's easy to pop in whatever blade i need and just cut.

as for the straight cuts, let's just say i am interested in the adaptor that
lets me use the ruler as a ruler and not just to assist me in guessing the
measurements.  (it never seems to be the same variation twice.)

little rock, arkansas

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