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Re: Re[2]: Fiskars flat-bed rotary cutter

 I have called them at their 800 number
>and they are sending me all kinds of goodies to correct the "unstraight"
>cutting but it hasn't arrived yet !
>David Adams in Maryland
    Hate to be a harbinger of doubt, but I purchased a Fiskar's flatbed
rotary cutter several months ago and had the same problem; no matter WHAT I
tried, the cut just wasn't straight. I, too, called their 800 number and
they sent me all the "goodies", but to no avail.  :( STILL didn't correct
the problem.  I finally gave up and took the cutter back where I purchased
it, got a refund, and went back to using my Exacto knife and ancient
side-arm paper cutter.

    Would love to hear of any other "tool" that could be purchased for
cutting paper and cardstock. I saw a neat cutter in Kinkos the other day
that *looked* like the Fiskar one, only bigger, and it Worked!

    Candace in Lousyana

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