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Aerosol OT

Perhaps someone could explain a perplexing situation. For years I have
injected a 1:1 mixture of PVA and a wetting agent into bumped book cover
corners. Originally I used someting called Bob's Book Plate Remover as
the wetting agent. Later a product I ordered out of a catalog called
Aerosol OT. It seemed to work equally well. When I ran out I ordered
more but this time the product, a colorless liquid, had a viscus
consistency with high surface tension that didn't have any of the
properties of a wetting agent.  I complained and the supplier sent
another bottle of the same viscus gooy stuff. What am I doing wring?

Josh Page
email: Pagebook@xxxxxxxxxxx
home addr: Rt 65 Box 233 Kingston, AR 72742
phone: 870-861-5831

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