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Digital Caslon

Do any of the subscribers on the three addressed listservs know of a
place, either purchasable or through ftp where I might obtain an array of
Caslon type?  I have a version of Caslon O.S. Open face that I just love,
and being interested in preserving 18th print, I thought I?d strive to
locate the Caslon Family of Type.

Your suggestions, hints, whatever will be appreciated.  Please send them
to my PERSONAL addresses as I am no longer on the Letterpress or
Typographic listservs but would like to be.

Also, I?ve set and printed _Desiderata_ in Caslon Open face, and if any
of you would like a copy, just send me a self-addressed stamped envelope
(first class, natch) and if you want a copy flat, I?ll do my best to
ensure it arrives undamaged, just send an SAE that?s large enough with
sufficient postage.  Cheers!

Rommel John Miller                 rjmiller1095@xxxxxxxx
12544 Selsey Road               rjmiller@xxxxxxxxxxx
Ocean City, MD  21842-9128

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