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"Private Collection" Book Sale!

The Bookbinder's Warehouse/Karen L. Crisalli wishes to announce a very, very
special book sale. Let me begin by saying that I had been advised against
being so candid on the list, but not being one to mince words I felt that
direct and to the point was better, so here goes:  The Bookbinder's Warehouse
is desperately in need of quick cash to catch up on some bills that have
fallen by the wayside! Straight forward and no beating around the bush on
that one!

As many of you know, I own a long-established company supplying hand
bookbinding supplies for nearly twelve years now. Due to a number of reasons,
not the least of which is that we have not raised our prices in nearly three
years (!) we have increasingly found it more and more difficult to keep up
with our bills. While we are actively working on a number of ways to 'get
back on track' the fact of the matter is that right now we really need to
raise some immediate cash, and as a result we are making a very special and
difficult offer: as president/owner of The Bookbinder's Warehouse, I am
offering "my" personal collection of books about books, which I am hoping to
sell en masse.

My collection was started twelve years ago and over the years has grown to
around FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY books on bookbinding!  The focus is, and has
always been, books on hand bookbinding/bookbinding manuals, but also includes
a fair number of exhibition catalogs, books on the history of bookbinding,
periodicals, technical/library/commercial binding titles and other related

This collection includes all of the true 'standards' of the industry:
Cockerell, Banister, Hewitt-Bates, Diehl, Burdet, Darley, Johnson, Smith,
Middleton, Robinson and Zeier, just to name a very few.

The collection also includes the nickel-and-dime (or $5 and $10) manuals, as
my collecting has been topic-wide and therefore includes the good, the bad
and the ugly.

However, the appeal is in the many special titles I have collected over the
years, some first editions, others quite hard-to-find, and some in special
bindings, and to entice serious collectors I am listing just a few herewith:

BINDERY TALK, a periodical devoted to trade bookbinding; seventy-five issues,
bound twenty-five in each of three books, plus issues 76-95 loose, dating
1912 -1919.

Bailey, Arthur L. LIBRARY BOOKBINDING. 1916 first edition in contemporary
binding, full brick red Chieftain goat, leaather end bands, with custom hand
marbled end sheets by Galen Berry.

THE BOOKBINDER, an illustrated Journal, 1888-1889 first edition, vols. 1-3
only bound in one, small 4th, lacking the 61 colored and tinted plated which
were never bound in; original full morocco; after volume 3, continued as "The
British Bookmaker" (see below)

The British Bookmaker, 1890 - 1894,, vols. IV, V, VI and VII, all original
half calf with marbled boards. Prior to vol. IV published as THE BOOKBINDER
(see above)

Brassington, W Salt. A HISTORY OF THE ART OF BOOKBINDING, 1894 first edition,
gilt top edge, cloth.

Clements, Jeff.  BOOKBINDING, 1963 first edition; rebound in full brown calf
in 1992, with spine label and blind tooling in a pastiche of 19th century

Cockerell, Douglas Bennett, BOOKBINDING AND THE CARE OF BOOKS, first American
Edition 1902

Diehl, Edith. BOOKBINDING: ITS BACKGROUND AND TECHNIQUE, 1946 first edition,
from the library of Stella Patri, two volumes, slip case

Dudin, M. L'Art du relieur doreur de livres, The Elmete Press, 1977,
half-green Morocco over cloth.

These are just eight or ten of the 'special' books in this collection; there
are many first editions; quite a few signed copies (Bernard Middleton, Arthur
Johnson, etc), and several dozen "special bindings"  within the group because
I often had copies bound for me in full leather or vellum (these do NOT
include my collection of "design bindings" which many of you also know
about...I'm not so desperate as to sell those!). I have kept track, to some
extent, of the prices I paid and/or the current market values of this
collection, and I can tell you that at absolute minimum the collection is
worth $14,000, probably far more than that. But I no longer have the luxury
of living with these beauties surrounding me when my creditors go waiting for
payments, so I am at the point where I have to consider parting with this
great collection. Surely there is an institution out there, or a serious
collector, who can give my babies a good home and at the same time help me
financially. Despite my desperation, I cannot and will not let them go for
peanuts either. So, I plan to offer them up, IN ONE COMPLETE LOT ONLY, for
thirty days. I am asking $7,000, or the best offer OVER $7,000 that I receive
before December 30. To the best offer must be added the cost of shipping the
books (probably 500 pounds!) unless you can pick them up in New Jersey.

If you are seriously interested in this collection, I can furnish a fairly
complete list of the books (I say 'fairly complete' list because a dozen or
two have never been cataloged, and a dozen or two over the years may have
already been donated and not removed from the list). I do ask that ONLY
serious inquiries be sent to me, please! The list is 40-50 pages long and
time, expense and emotion does not permit me to photocopy or e-mail lists to
curiosity seekers.

If you are in a position to make a serious offer, or know of an instititution
or collector to whom I should offer this great collection, please e-mail me
OFF THE LIST as soon as possible. Having made the decision to part with my
collection I don't want to give myself too much time to agonize over my

Regards, Karen L. Crisalli/The Bookbinder's Warehouse

phone (732) 264-0306
fax (732) 264-8266

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