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Re: Digital Caslon

Mr. Berliner,
I respect YOUR integrity as a designer and producer of fonts.  I mean no
or malappropraite intent, I am just cash-poor these days.  I'd love to be
to purchase cast sets of CASLON one day, say from you or M&H, but money
remains my major hinderance.  I hope you'll understand.

BTW, you are a GREAT MENTCH in my humble opinion, and I hope I haven't
offended you or anyone in the great profession of Typography.


Rommel John Miller                 rjmiller1095@xxxxxxxx
12544 Selsey Road                  rjmiller@xxxxxxxxxxx
Ocean City, MD  21842-9128

"The Ozymandias Press" honors Sir P.B. Shelley's masterwork of peotic
style and my poet friend's own take on that poem with an post apocalyptic

On Sun, 30 Nov 1997 12:15:56 +0000 berliner <berliner@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Jennifer Zignone's response was totally correct, and although the
>person she wrote to was probably innocently intended, the fact is
>that a number of lawsuits have been properly brought to protect the
>property of the designer and the firm which invested in the
>digitizing and made it available to the public. There will be more.
>But the reason for not giving away or "lending" fonts is more of a
>moral one than just not getting caught doing it. The fact that it is
>far easier to steal an electronic file than carry off the Mona Lisa
>is not merely the difference in value, it's really the same thing.
>                                                                Harold

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