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Re: Blade for plough

Dear Sam, =20

You sent 29 Nov 21:25;

>I need an extra blade or two for my Dryad plough. The blade is trape=
=2E.............. It is marked "Dryad, Leicester."
>If anyone knows a source for this blade or the address of the manufa=
>if extant I would much appreciate having it. .......

My wife has found a copy of the 1996 "Homecrafts Direct Catalogue" fr=
Specialists Crafts Ltd of Leicester.  This appears to be the new name=
the original Dryad Ltd craft suppliers, who have been suppliers in th=
e UK
for many years. =20

In my earlier 1994 'Directory of Suppliers' from the Society of Archi=
they were listed as:=20

Dryad Specialists Crafts Ltd
PO Box 247
Leicester  LE1 9QS

This are clearly the same company at the same address with a slight n=
change.   The telephone and fax numbers in the UK are:
T:  0116 251 0405
F: 0116 251 5015

The catalogue is half inch thick in colour and shows a large range of=
materials covering from modelling materials to soapstone for sculptin=
They have a section showing bookbinding tools marked with the name 'D=
  The plough type B168 is shown at =A3188 and spare blade Type B159 a=
=A313.21. plus P&P.  The latest prices need confirming.  The 1997 cat=
was priced at =A33.75   According to the order form they will accept =
Visa or
Mastercard and I suggest this would be the cheapest way from the Stat=
otherwise the bank charges will be almost as much as the blade - unle=
ss you
send a sterling cheque!

As an aside you may find the Web page useful:

http://www.rba.co.uk/directs.htm#UK  - "Company and Telephone Directo=
ries "

It is not just UK.

Rodney Fry
< rod.fry@xxxxxxxx>

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