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Listserv Commands


a gentle request from the listowner, me. Please DO NOT send any commands,
ie subscribe, unsub, changing options... to
<book_arts-l-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>. Please send them to the
"listserver," a machine at <listserv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>. Full instructions
can be found in the FAQ at the URL below. You can even cut and paste so
there are no errors with syntax.

I will not be executing any commands unless there is a real reason to do
so, ie your address changed. If you are having problems I will be happy to
help. Please forward me a copy of the error message you received back and
any other information which may be helpful. There is little I can do
without real information.

Thank you for your cooperation.


>>>       I love working in the library. There is             <<<
>>something to be said for working in a place bound in leather.<<

Peter D. Verheyen           <wk> 315.443.9937   <fax>315.443.9510
<Email>                            mailto:pdverhey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
<Webmaster>                    http://www.dreamscape.com/pdverhey
<Listowner>           mailto:Book_Arts-L-Request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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