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Re: Not really bookarts, but related

The J. Peterman catalogue also has an occasional rare first-edition,
though they are mostly clothing and some ecclectic hodge-podge.

Sydne Newberry wrote:
> The piece that Peter posted regarding purchases of rare books by film
> people explains a couple of things I've observed recently. First, one of
> the offerings in the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog this year is a set of
> rare first-editions, which struck me as an odd thing for a Christmas
> catalog that tends to offer full-size merri-go-rounds and
> designer-appointed Land Rovers. Second, at a bookfair here in D.C. back in
> September, it seemed that the merchants from L.A. had the most unbelievably
> outrageous items at the most unbelievably outrageous prices!

Kirstin Tonningsen
Portland, OR, USA
kirstint@xxxxxxxxxxxx (personal)
ktonning@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (professional)
http://www.riverdale.k12.or.us (Riverdale School District)

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