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Re: Holding a Wake for the Web That Was

Is this really related to Book Arts?

Coming right after the lovely and LONG digital Christmas
message, it makes me fear what would have happened to my mailbox
if I had not been here to delete these.  And I know that I
have three times the capacity inbox of many commercial
servers.  I know that Book Arts list is on an EDU server,
too, so perhaps it is easy to forget this.

But my larger concern is the limited time I have to
read email...I choose my discussion lists carefully,
so that time is used reading what I want to read.
Sure, I can delete, but I kept expecting this message
to end up being about book-arts...and maybe it does
eventually, but after reading for a couple minutes,
I didn't find it.  So, I'm opting to move on to
other messages with more potential for being of interest
to me....

What?  No, actually, I have NO interest in the SF Web
scene.  Nada.  None at all.  Not the least....
and I don't remember that subject on the list
of subjects appropriate for BOOK ARTS...
Darlene Sybert
Instructor, Writing with Computers
English Department, Tate Hall
University of Missouri, Columbia

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