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web wake & women's bldg

>          [Y] esterday was the last day for what I saw as a
>              personal symbol of all that is great about San
>          Francisco. For decades the corner of the San Francisco
>          Women's Building has been occupied by the Dovre Club, a
>          traditional Irish neighborhood bar. Yes, that's right,
>          an Irish bar sharing space with a Women's organization.
>          I've always seen this as a living example of the sort of
>          tolerance that makes San Francisco what it is. But the
>          contradictions eventually resulted in the Women's
>          Building evicting the Dovre Club.

As much as I hate to continue an off-topic thread, I simply could not allow
this outrageously oversimplified statement to go unanswered. "The
contradictions" are not remotely as simple as the Women's Bldg. playing
evil landlord to the Dovre Club.

As I understand it, in order to stay open, the Women's Bldg has a legal
obligation to bring the entire bldg up to certain seismic
standards--including the space occupied by the Dovre Club. There is no way
the Dovre Club could stay open during the construction anyway. That's only
the beginning of it. There have been endless complications involving
various verbal agreements supposedly made years & years ago, &c. &c. (If
anyone is really interested they can check out back issues of the Guardian
& the SF Bay Times for the past year or more.)

I can appreciate the particular, rich history of the Dovre Club, but the
bottom line is that there are hundreds of bars in SF -- & only one Women's
Bldg., which provides valuable, much-needed services to women & girls. The
Dovre Club is lucky to have been able to stay in that space for as long as
it did. If it has so dang much community support & value, then let it raise
funds & struggle for its own space the way every nonprofit women's
organization has to do all the time.

Sorry again for the digression...

Indigo Som
bitchy buddha press

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