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Fran Morris,
Buckram is one of several types of book cloth. These cloths come backed
with paper or filled with chemicals i.e. starch or pyroxylin so that
adhesive does not bleed through. Specifically, buckram is a slightly
textured cloth; linen or vellum finished cloths are smooth and natural
finish buckram is a coarse texture cloth.
 One of several good references is Laura S. Young=92s Bookbinding and
Conservation by Hand, recently republished by Oak Knoll books in New
Castle, Delaware (email <oakknoll@xxxxxxxxxxxx> and website is
<http://www.oakknoll.com>. Another reference is the out of print
Cleaning & Preserving Bindings and Related Materials by Carolyn Horton.

There are many sources for bookcloth but two that I have found to be
helpful are:

1.  Bookbinder=92s Warehouse Inc.
       31 Division Street
       Keyport, NJ 07735-1522
        phone (732) 264-0306
         Fax  (732) 264-8266
        Email  KarenC5071@xxxxxxx

2.    Bookmakers International
        6001 66th Avenue
        Suite 101
        Riverdale, Maryland 20737
        phone (301) 459-3384
        Fax  (301) 459-7629

I hope that this helps.

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