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glue applicator

I just finished making my first drop spine box and I'd like to thank all
of you who gave me advice. It came out nicely except I was a little timid
gluing the case to the trays--especially around the edges. I was left
with a little weakness around the edges and I'm sure a lot of use will
eventually cause a separation. I was trying to figure out how to get some
more glue in there when I discovered that stores that cater to the floor
covering trade have what looks like a syringe and needle made for a
rhino. But it's perfect! It's big enough that the glue travels easy yet
small enough that I can get it into little spaces. If one was desperate,
you could even stab it through material and the needle is relatively
sharp. This may be a device of common knowledge but no one had ever
mentioned it before. BTW, it's only five bucks.

David Kern

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