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Re: beeswax & gluing

Marcia Buch asked: "I am currently making a one-of-a-kind book and am using
beewax on black board.  Then I am scratching off the wax and sanding it to
give it a smooth surface.Now I want to glue canson down to the surface.  My
question is this: what type of glue should I use so that the canson paper
adheres to the beeswax covered board?"

I was a painter for two decades before starting to make artist books, and I
have lots of experience making homemade paints, pastels and encaustic with
beeswax.  My best suggestion is to paint melted beeswax on the canson
paper, and then press it into the beeswax covered board.  Further "ironing"
of the canson with a hot (not burning) tool will adhere it quite well.  No
glue that I know of will attach to wax as well as wax itself will.  Good
luck.  Ken Leslie of Charuby Press.

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