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laser proofing paper

This may sound stupid, but I need a bit of basic information on laser
proofing paper. I am working on a book project that will go for offset
printing. There are a number of graphical elements in it, and I want the
printer to work off my printouts rather that let him monkey in my
digital files.

I have some paper from Hammermill that is called 'Hammermill laser plus'
. It has a blueline (non-photographic?) text printed on one side and
blank on the other. On which side to I do the imaging? Would there be a
better paper to use? one that is a clay coated variety?  This Hammermill
paper states that it is intended for laser proofing and for offset
reproduction, but I haven't found anyone yet to give me the straight
scoop or any comparisons with other types of paper.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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