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Re: laser proofing paper

Sam Nielson wrote:

> I have some paper from Hammermill that is called 'Hammermill laser plus'
> . It has a blueline (non-photographic?) text printed on one side and
> blank on the other. On which side to I do the imaging? Would there be a
> better paper to use? one that is a clay coated variety?  This Hammermill
> paper states that it is intended for laser proofing and for offset
> reproduction, but I haven't found anyone yet to give me the straight
> scoop or any comparisons with other types of paper.

I think that unless there's been a new entry into the desktop printer's
paper market, Hammermill is generally about the best "laser" paper

There are other good papers out there, but Laser Plus and Laser Print are
the premium papers. Though I would like to know the ph of Hammermill's

A true clay-coated paper may suffer from squirming around a bit as it
passes over/through the printer's rollers. It is a bit "slick."


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