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Re: laser proofing paper

I have used Hammermill laser plus and it is my favorite for exactly the thing
you need. You print on the side that hasn't the light blue printing. I used it
for camera ready copy for an offset produced book, from my 600 dpi laser
printer. The halftones, though, I reproduced from negatives to achieve a fine
screen. Depending on your laser printer, the halftone dot you can hold clearly
and well enough for repro is about 85dpi, like newspaper course. Line work and
type are fine from high quality laser output, as long as very fine registration
is not critical. You can also take your files yourself to a service bureau so
you can keep tabs on the quality, and avoid the printer monkeying with your
files. Also, any offset printer worth her salt will provide you with blueline
or other proofs so you can check quality before getting on the press.
L. Black, imp.

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