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Re: laser proofing paper

At 09:29 PM 12/16/97 +0000, Darryl wrote:

>I think that unless there's been a new entry into the desktop printer's
>paper market, Hammermill is generally about the best "laser" paper
>There are other good papers out there, but Laser Plus and Laser Print are
>the premium papers. Though I would like to know the ph of Hammermill's
>A true clay-coated paper may suffer from squirming around a bit as it
>passes over/through the printer's rollers. It is a bit "slick."
If you consider the use of these papers as "intermediary" proofs for
reproduction, there is no need to worry about the pH of the paper. They will
be used and most likely destroyed. The permanance of the paper is not critical.

If longevity of the text is a concern, the key might be the pH of the sheet
upon which the book is printed by Lithography. One may also have a concern
about any transfer of acidic fountain solution to the surface being printed.
Althouh this is minimal, someone concerned with ultimate paper pH should
check the final sheets as they are to be printed and bound to be certain
nothing in the process added acids to the product.

John G. Henry - Cedar Creek Press

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