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Re: laser proofing paper

On Wed, 17 Dec 1997, Minerva892 wrote:

> Just checked with my trusty abbey pH pen and Hammermill Laser Plus is
> alkaline.

It is also listed in Ellen McCrady's (founder of Abbey Publications) 1994
publication titled _North American Permanent Papers_. Hammermill Laser
Bond, Laser Print, and Laser Plus are all listed. This indicates they
meet ANSI standards for permanence and durability, to quote: ". . .  pH
over 7.0 (coated) or  7.5 (uncoated), calcium carbonate content over 2%,
ligning content under 1%, and an MD tear index of 5.25 mNm-squared/g
(uncoated) or 3.50mNmsquared/g (coated)."

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