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Re: binding board

>>In the Library of Congress book on building boxes and
>> cases, they say they use scrap pieces of rag mat board much of the time,
>> gluing pieces together for thicker pieces when needed.
>What Library of Congress Book?
>G. Shattenberg

There was an extensive thread on this last sp. I believe.  <The publication
is called "Boxes for the Protection of Books: Their
Design and Construction," and it was published by the Preservation
Directorate at the Library of Congress in 1994. Typical of the government
is it a very explicit step-by-step guide to constructing a number of
boxes. It is also a bit repetitive but, nonetheless, informative. You may
find it at a local library. The call number is LC 1.2:B69/994.
The current price is $26.00

Send order to-

Superintendent of Documents
P.O. Box 371954
Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7954

or call-
1-202-512-1800  (7:30 to 4:30 Eastern)

or fax-
1 202 512-2250

There is also a web site but I have lost that address.  It comes in loose
sheets with holes for a 3-ring binder. Cheers, Charlie

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