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New Webpage on Nonlinearity in Literature and the Book Arts

Dear everyone,
This is to announce the birth of a new webpage, entitled _Is It A Book?_,
on the topics of nonlinearity in literature and the book arts.

Below is a quote from the introduction to our page, to help explain its

  Is It A Book?
  In which you will find a number of Discussions on the Nonlinearity of
  certain parts of Ancient and Modern Literature, and Arts, together with
  illustrations and descriptions of same, brought together here with the
  idea of enhancing a greater understanding and appreciation of the
  Nonlinear Aspects of these Arts, especially with a view to how they may
  enhance the Life of the Mind.

My partners Karen Powell, Barbara Davison and I wrote the page for a final
project in our Information Technology class at the library school of the
University of Maryland at College Park.

_Is It A Book?_ is complete as it stands but will undoubtedly go through
some revision as time goes on, so if you are interested in the subject,
stay tuned!

The address is:


Emily-Jane Dawson

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