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Re: Nonlinearity in Literature and the Book Arts


>Emily-Jane Dawson

Yes, thanks E-J, you and your partners have put together an A+ beginning to
your project! I doubt this will disappear when you graduate in '99. Jim or
Peter would probably keep it up if umd can't, and if they won't do it I'd be
happy to arrange it.

Of course, nonlinearity is one of the issues that has come up in many
discussions, as well as in many works by book artists. The www does make
nonlinearity easy through hyperlinks, which in some ways evolved out of
those programmed learning books of the 50's & 60's. I've often included
works in exhibits I curate which fall outside of even my own far-flung
definitions of is-it-a-book -- works with marginal bookness -- to stimulate
viewers to come to terms with their own definitions. (btw, I noticed on one
of the links at this site [a pdv page] that Philip Smith still seems
hell-bent on claiming he coined the term bookness, with all sorts of
post-1979 references. I recall that I used the term "bookness" in a
conversation with Philip at his house in Redhill, Surrey about 1978, while I
was living in England as US/UK Bicentennial Fellow. We had been using that
term at Center for Book Arts since 1974, as anyone who was around then
knows, and I don't believe that I invented the term either. Does anyone
recall whether Dan Knowlton used that phrase in the late 60's? And Ulises
Carrion certainly used it, and also didn't Lucy Lippard? I don't know if the
etymological history of the nomenclature in our field is important, but I
find it peculiar that someone utilized so many references documenting his
late employment in England (maybe it was early there) of a term in common
usage in the USA and Holland.

Also, for recent listmembers who are interested in book history, one link
not at this site (and there is a great links page there) is the essay at



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