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Re: Bindings

Bill Minter & all:

I too, am interested in binding thick sheets.... Is there a publication which
describes, or illustrates this "meeting guard"?

Thanks very much
Chris Herz

William Minter Set Bookarts-l Mail Ack wrote:

> Subject: Re:  Bindings
> >I am looking for an acceptable way to bind 10 etchings into a book format so
> >the finished product looks like a traditionally bound book with a spine.
> When I >fold the printmaking paper it gives me a VERY thick fold. Aside from
> tipping in >individual papers to an accordian, I'm blocked on what else to
> try.
> Reply:  One technique you might consider is to attach the signature/s to a
> meeting guard. The signature will move freely on the sewing. I have used this
> method for a number of books with thick paper. We recently bound a diary in
> this manner which allows the signatures to lay completely flat for easy
> writing. In this project, two signatures were sewn on the same guard to keep
> the stub as narrow as possible. A diagram is needed for further explanation.
> Good Luck,    Bill Minter
> William Minter Bookbinding & Conservation, Inc.
> Woodbury, PA
> 814/793-4020

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