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Re: binding board

The Shattenbergs wrote:
> >In the Library of Congress book on building boxes and
> > cases, they say they use scrap pieces of rag mat board much of the time,
> > gluing pieces together for thicker pieces when needed.
> What Library of Congress Book?
> G. Shattenberg
> Shattenb@xxxxxxxxxxxx
 The book in question is called BOXES for the Protection of Rare Books;
Their Design and Construction. It was published by the LOC in 1982 and
is not being printed by the government anymore. The book was compiled
and illustrated by Margaret R. Brown. Don Etherington and Linda K. Ogden
assisted in its preparation. I have seen that it was to be reprinted by
some one but I can't seem to find it in any of my catalogues or sources.
If I come across who is selling it, I will get back to you.
Bob Nelson

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