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2 Teflon Folders for $5.00!

I have been eyeing the teflon folders at Bookmakers for some time now but=
=0Ahavn't been able to part with the 20 or so bucks. I mean, how often do=
 you=0Areally use one? Anyway, I am putting together a photo ablum for a =
friend and=0Ahe wanted to use black paper. Well, I decided I need to get =
a teflon folder.=0AAs I was pondering the all mighty dollar and how I muc=
h I wanted to part with=0A20 or so of them for an item I will rarely use =
(except right now), a=0Arealization hit me. I had just bought a package o=
f Easy Gliders=A9 to help fix=0Aan anoying sliding closet door. The Glide=
rs are made to help people slide=0Aheavy objects around by attaching thes=
e light gray discs or strips of Teflon=0Acoated plastic to the bottom of =
any object. Hmmmm... =0AWell, I just made myself a teflon folder and it w=
orks great. If you want one=0Atoo, you can go to a Target, K-Mart, or Wal=
-mart type place. Buy a pack of the=0A4" strip Easy Gliders or similar pr=
oduct. Use an X-acto knife to trim off the=0Ablack plastic overhang. Atta=
ch two of them back to back using the adhesive=0Asquares included in the =
package. If you want to stifen them up you could=0Aattach them to a thin =
piece of steel or something, but I find it works fine by=0Athemselves. Th=
e package contains enough to make two folders in this way. They=0Amight n=
ot be beautiful but it works.=0A

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