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2nd Annual TypeBooks Survey


        I would like to invite everyone here to participate in the TypeBooks
        survey of recommended books. Some of you may remember the
        first survey about a year ago when we launched. The results are
        used to compile a top ten book list. The list is then posted at the
        TypeBooks site ( http://www.delvemediarts.com/book-ndx.htm
        for those who don't already know) for all to enjoy.

        The top ten list for this year will be posted with our first anniversary
        issue on February 6, 1998 at our new home (www.typebooks.org).
        To participate in the survey reply to this message listing your favorite
        book(s) about design, type, calligraphy & related subjects. Please in-
        clude the author's name to avoid any possible confusion with another
        book. Alternatively, you may respond by filling out the short survey
        form at our current home (see previous paragraph for URL). Please
        send all responses by February 1, 1998.

        Thanks to everyone who has provided encouragement & helped keep
        TypeBooks going this past year--we're getting better all the time.
        I look forward to hearing from you all.

        Delve Withrington

        Type Books for the well-read typographer (2/6/98 www.typebooks.org)
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