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GBW (Guild of Book Workers)

The Guild of Book Workers (GBW) is "the" national organization for the book
arts. It holds an annual conference in various locations, this year was Ann
Arbor, MI, next year is Greensboro, NC. It also publishes a Newsletter
(back issues of which are online but not for the past 6 issues) and an
annual Journal and holds exhibitions of members work. The last two, and one
coming up next Fall have all been thematic in nature: fine press books /
fine edition bindings, Paper (this one is on the web via the GBW site, and
the one coming up will celebrate the ABC. Another bonus of the group is its
"Study Opportunities List" which lists places one can find instruction in
the book arts. The organizations website is at:


At 12:25 PM 12/23/97 -0800, you wrote:
>On Tue, 23 Dec 1997 12:06:55 -0500 Sam Lanham <slanham@xxxxxxxx> writes:
>>>> Oak Knoll is publishing ABC OF BOOKBINDING, which we will be happy
>>The book is reviewed in the latest GBW Newletter.
>Please, what is the GBW newsletter?
>                              Fondest Regards,
>                                      Kerrie

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