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The long planned apprenticeship of _________ (who shall remain nameless) has
been called off. And a happy holiday to you too!

So... Waterleaf Mill & Bindery is now actively looking for an apprentice who
could begin in the studio some time in January, hopefully. February?

The duties of an apprentice here will mainly be bookbinding, although there
are plenty of other things to do. Workshops to assist in, papermaking to do,
marbling also. Apprentices work only 4 hours, 5 days a week and are expected
to produce a body of their own work during their (minimum 2 months) stay
here. The extensive library, the papermaking, marbling and bindery studios
are all available for their use.=20

I can find housing here in Bisbee that runs about $375 to $450 a month. It's
a very small town and easy to get around in. This is a traditional
apprenticeship in that I don't pay any wages for your work in the studio and
you don't pay for the experience you get here learning bookbinding etc. and
also learning how a small, private press is run. It has to be someone who
has their financial assistance in place before arriving. Bisbee is a very
charming little town in Southeastern Arizona, near the Mexican border, but
finding part time work here is almost impossible.  Three of my apprentices
still live here, they like it so much.=20

As you can gather, I'd like someone who and can appear when they say they're

Have a happy holiday season, y'all.


Duct tape is like the Force. It has a light side, a dark side=20
and it holds the universe together.
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