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Crafts, Trades and Apprenticeships

Thanks, Pat, for expanding on your offering. I believe that helps potential

Pursuing the nomenclature issue, I found these definitions used by the U.S.

Crafts, Trades and Apprenticeships


An employer or joint employer and labor sponsored work-based learning
program in which an apprentice, as an employee, receives supervised
structured on-the-job training combined with technical related instruction
(usually classroom study) in a specific occupation.

The on-the-job training, related classroom instruction and the
apprenticeship program operating procedures are included in a set of
Apprenticeship Standards. The Apprenticeship Standards are registered by the
apprenticeship sponsor with a Federal or State Apprenticeship Agency/Bureau
as meeting the Department of Labor's "Standards of Apprenticeship" (29 CFR
Part 29).

Apprentices are employed and then registered to the sponsor's approved
Apprenticeship Standards. At the completion of the apprenticeship of one to
five years, depending on the occupation, the apprentices receive a Federal
and/or State Apprenticeship Completion Certificate. The holder of an
Apprenticeship Certificate for an apprenticeable occupation is recognized
throughout the United States as a qualified journeyperson.

Craft Programs

Provide, through course work and hands-on training, a framework that
combines manual dexterity with knowledge in planning, making and executing
to produce a product that exhibits artistry and individuality.

Trades Programs

Teach the practice and theory of skilled trades which require manual or
mechanical skill and training.

At the Federal level, the responsible agency iis the U.S. Dept. of Labor
Bureau of Apprenticeship. Most states also have something similar at the
state level. From what I've seen, States require apprenticeship programs to
be from one to four years, depending on the occupation.


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