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Hello!  This is my first time on this list.  My name is Jeanine, and
I'm here in Houston.  I am a beginner writer of fiction, for both
adults and teens.  Right now I am working on a murder mystery for
teens.  I enjoy doing research by reading other books in the field.  I
use the Internet for help whenever I can.  BTW, I'm 23 and married.
 I'm a Sales Assistant for a medical software company.

My main genre of interest is, in case you haven't already guessed,
horror/thriller.  I don't like the slasher-type books, but the ones
that make you think.  Psychological thrillers.

I don't want to write too much, since I don't have the full scope of
this list yet.  But, hopefully through several responses, I can make
new friends and share wonderful ideas.  Thank you.

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