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Re: teflon folders

This is in the realm of urban myth, but I thought I should toss it in. I
have been told that teflon slivers have been used under prisoners'
fingernails to torture and eventually kill them...
        I would guess that, aside from any inherent poisonous attributes,
teflon dust would be as hard on the lungs as silicon and anyone
considering sanding teflon should definitely wear a respirator AND eye
protection. You might want to shower thoroughly when done, also.

Erin Moore

Yehuda Miklaf wrote:
> I have been told that dust from sanded teflon is dangerous if inhaled.
> If you are sanding it, wear a mask.
> Maybe someone who really knows can enlighten us further.
> Seasoned greetings!
> Yehuda Miklaf
> <mfritz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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