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antique print shop for sale

someone on the paper list asked me to post this here.
I know nothing of this print shop, so please respond directly to the person
listed in the post. thank you.

A friend of mine is trying to sell his antique print shop. If you know of
anywhere I should post this message that might get to people who may be more
interested, please let me know. If you are interested in this equipment,
please contact Jerry Leinsing at (603)472-3483.

Here's the info...

You can purchase an authentic print shop for a fraction of the cost for new
equipment. Everything in this shop is antique and in good working order.

The Chandler & Price hand fed letterpress as a chase size of 8" by 12." This
circa 1927 printing press is authentic and does not have safety devises. It
has, however, been fitted with a four speed 115 volt motor. The cast iron
frame can be easily disassembled, moved, and reassembled at your location.

Other equipment included:  8 numbering machines for tickets and forms, table
top slug cutter, table top mitering machine, heavy duty Southworth Punch,
Reglet Racks with wood spacing materials, ShowCard 15 x 20 Sign Press with
wood and lead type, type guides, metal inclined type rack, and fast drying
sign makers inks.

Three Type Cabinets full of California Job Cases contain 100s of fonts. Fonts
sizes range from tiny 4 point Copperplate to 72 point Franklin Bold. The
Double California Job Case Rack with spacing material header filled with 2
6 point strips. Included are 100s of wood headliner type from 1" to 3" high.
Wooden furniture rack contains both wood and lead furniture for a lighter
total chase lockup weight.

Accessories included:  Quoins and Keys, type planing block, ink, type
metal galleys, lead and brass pre-cut border and rule, fancy strip lead
border, rule and spacing material, steel die-cutting and perforating rule,
extra chases, several composing sticks, hand held slug cutter, pica rulers,
several styles of gage pins, register pings, press chase hole punches, lead
graphics and fancy fonts, ample supply of Tympan, supplies catalogs, parts
catalogs, instructional manuals, Original type foundry catalogs.

Classic Publications Included:  Graphic Arts Procedures by Karch 1962, The
practice of Printing by Ralph Polk (Editions 1945 and 1971), Type and
Lettering by William Longyear 1966, Creative Pricing in the Printing and
Alliad Industries by Tucker 1975, Graphics by Alec Davis 1973, Graphics Arts
by Darvey Carlsen 1965, The American Manual of Presswork (2nd Ed. 1916),
Cambridge Press Title Pages 1640-1665 by Sidney Kimber 1954, The Heritage of
the Printer by Otto Boutin 1973, Hand bookbinding--A Manual of Instruction by
Watson 1963, Graphic Arts Type Book Vol 1 & 2 by Reinhold 1965, and many
interesting publications.

This print shop is complete, sold as is, where is, and will not be sold by
piece. Call for more details.

Jerry Leinsing
Bedford, NH

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