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Re: toxic teflon


I am new on this list.  My name is Janice Mancinelli Sapp (jansapp@xxxxxxx),
and I am an artist.  I draw, paint, make prints, design-write-bind books.  I
love to make books that will display my prints, in particular, or smallish
drawings (15" X 15", for example).

I learned how to bind books and do some conservation of them at the
Smithsonian when I lived in Wash DC.  My first lessons in bookbinding were in
1980.  I was also doing calligraphy and illumination (laying gold, etc.) and
was commissioned often by friends who knew my work and then later, friends of
friends. Now, however, we live in Plano, a suburb of Dallas (a great city by
the way!)  I have taken some bookbinding lessons but these mainly taught
traditional methods only.

Now I am fascinated with the book as an art piece.  I like some of the new
ideas about books but prefer to use traditional materials and processes even
though I might make the binding show on the spine.  I am working my way
through Keith Smith's series of books and find them fascinating. So, I am
experimenting with his methods and finding out how they work for me and
whether or not they work with certain ideas that I have for the inside of the
book.  I like my books to work as one piece and to be sturdy and useable, etc.
However, I am a real novice with this!  I'm learning to try my hand with
making the text on the computer complete with my own scanned in art.  Much
learning left, though--lots n lots!

I am finally a member of the National Guild of Book Workers and do attend the
Lone Star Chapter of this guild in the Dallas area.  I am interested in the
Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Center in Maryland and wonder if someone can email
me with their address and/or application for membership and notice of
workshops.  For some reason I can't find them on the net.  Thanks for your
help.  jansapp@xxxxxxx

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