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Re: Ps & Qs and folk etymology

At 01:34 AM 2/2/1998 -0800, you wrote:
>I always understood POSH to have to do with the more scenic side on the
>route (either route) from England to India and back. We are talking
>about luxury liners, so shelter is not really of great concern.

Au contraire mon ami!  When the temperature reaches 115+ degrees which it
can in the Suez and the ships of 100 years ago were NOT airconditioned and
"luxury" in that sense, then the "shady" side of the ship was VERY
important for comfort.  Just as the "umbra" or shadow side of the
Colloseum, Circus Maximus were and the bullfight ring still ARE !
Then you can begin to realize the importance of Port side out and Starboard
side home when sailing from England to India.  As for the sights, one could
easily go to the other side of the ship to see them during daylight hours
or when not resting in the comfort (cooler on the shady side !) of one's

David Adams in Maryland

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