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NAACP seeks ban on Huck Finn classic

NAACP seeks ban on Huck Finn classic

Mark Twain's classic "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" is offensive
to black students and should be banned from classrooms across the
state, the Pennsylvania NAACP says.

Although the state Education Department said books discussed in
classrooms are selected locally, NAACP officials said yesterday they
would lobby lawmakers and education associations to have the book
removed from mandatory reading lists.

"I can think of many fights that have occurred when persons of color
have been called 'n-----,' " NAACP member George Love said at a
Harrisburg news conference. "It is insulting to African-American
students to sit in a classroom while the term is used in required
reading." The 1884 novel about a white boy's first-person account of
his adventures along the Mississippi River with a runaway slave named
Jim has been controversial for decades because of its use of racial
slurs and its representations of blacks and women.

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