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Re: NAACP seeks ban on Huck Finn classic

How soon we all forget that the language was a sign of the times.  How
will this country ever maintain it's history and learn from it if our
students don't understand it?  As a teacher I read these kinds of stories
to my students, but I prefaced it with a bit of the history of the time
and explained the times.

What will happen to our great literature if we continue to allow this to


On Wed, 4 Feb 1998, MSN wrote:

> NAACP seeks ban on Huck Finn classic
> Mark Twain's classic "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" is offensive
> to black students and should be banned from classrooms across the
> state, the Pennsylvania NAACP says.
> Although the state Education Department said books discussed in
> classrooms are selected locally, NAACP officials said yesterday they
> would lobby lawmakers and education associations to have the book
> removed from mandatory reading lists.
> "I can think of many fights that have occurred when persons of color
> have been called 'n-----,' " NAACP member George Love said at a
> Harrisburg news conference. "It is insulting to African-American
> students to sit in a classroom while the term is used in required
> reading." The 1884 novel about a white boy's first-person account of
> his adventures along the Mississippi River with a runaway slave named
> Jim has been controversial for decades because of its use of racial
> slurs and its representations of blacks and women.

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