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Re: transfer to metal

Hi Nicholas,
I'l take a stab at this too. there is another film, ImagOn from DuPont
that makes beautiful prints from metal, namely copper, but I've also
used it on aluminum. the cool thing is you don't even have to etch the
plate, you can print directly from the film.  The hard work part is
making a terrific half-tone negative on lith film, getting the right
exposure, bump exposure, etc. onto the ImagOn which is adheared to the
metal.  Keith Howard details all this stuff on his web site, I think it
is still there. If not I can send you a copy. URL is
www.gprc.ab.ca/csnp, go to "other links", scrol down to "Printmaking at
MTSU, then go to "technical notes.

Another methos, not quite so perfect, but not bad is with Lacquer
thinner and Xerox.  I've had very good transfers to litho plates and to
zinc and copper.  the main tricks are to have a very fresh copy from a
just an ordinary Xerox machine, place copy face down on plate and brush
Lacquer thinner onto A PIECE OF NEWSPRINT, not the xerox, cover xerox
with the newsprint (which is not dripping, just wetish) cover again
withanother newsprint and go through etching press several times with
normal pressure.  This makes a resist so on an etching plate you of
course need a negative image, on a litho plate you need a positive
image.  Sorry, I'm much too long winded.

Mary Bookwalter

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