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Re: transfer to metal

  The solvent to which I referred is called "Bio T Max" available from
David Bate, EnviroSolutions Inc., 2 Corporate Dr., Suite 210, Trumbull, CT
06611,  203-452-7225. It's manufactured in CO. The blurb reads:
  "BioChem Systems, makers of environmental Bio T products, was founded in
1987 through Adolph Coors Company's efforts to replace hazardous solvents
in its operation...BioChem Systems blends science with nature to create
Bio T cleaner/degreasers, which are the most effective solvents available.
   There's a dilution table that lists the uses ranging from (full
strength) "polishing compounds from hardware in ultrasonic dip tanks" to
(1:2) removing adhesives, (1:100) glass cleaning and (1:200) floor
   It comes in one-gallon jugs, five-gallon pails, and 55-gallon drums.
   The literature also discusses "Bio T Press Blanket and Roller Wash"
(it's not clear if this is any different from the other, probably not
very) which has no hazardous pollutants under the Clean Air Act. It is not
a water pollutant. Smells like citrus (maybe similar to Citra-Solv).
   This is new information to me. I don't know the price.
   The person who told me about this (and discovered it's effectiveness in
making copier transfers) is a professional printer and artist, printmaking
teacher, and invaluable source of knowledge regarding printmaking
equipment, Perry Tymeson.

   I have a feeling we'll all be calling David Bate soon. I'd be very
interested to hear people's results with this, and hope that it works for
Nicholas' transfers to metal.



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