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CBBAG Links Page Update

Greetings fellow book lovers! (without meaning to be gender specific ;-)

Not having enough to do at work for the past week, I took the opportunity
to visit every single link on the CBBAG Links page to find out if the web
sites were still there. In addition, I checked out their links pages and
spent many happy hours discovering new sites to add. As a result, I am
happy to announce the first MAJOR upgrade to the Links page since our site
went up in September 1996.

I have deleted about 15 or 20 dead links and modified about the same
number. The big news is that I have added 127 *new* links to book arts and
book-related web sites around the world. I invite you all to visit the URL
below and see for yourself: guaranteed to be links to sites of interest to
everybody on this list (or your money cheerfully refunded ;-) I also invite
you to let me know of any good sites I have missed (please reply directly
to me at the e-mail address below).

I should also announce that I have been preparing the catalogue for our
15th anniversary members' exhibition "Art of the Book '98" and will shortly
be uploading the images to the Exhibitions section of our site (probably
within a couple of weeks).

Happy surfing -- there is enough to keep you busy for months!


Richard Miller <rmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

The Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild website:

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