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paper conservator needed

Hi all. I am forwarding this message from rec.collecting.books. Please
reply directly to the author below.

I am a collector of historic newspapers (18th and 19th centuries) and have
recently come into possession of a Leominster, Massachusetts "Telescope"
from January 9th, 1800 that contains a front page report on George
Washington's funeral.  Adding to the value of this paper is the fact that is
it volume one number two of the "Telescope" !  The Union List indicates this
is one of only two known to exist. My problem is the paper is in need of
professional restoration/conservation.
  I know there is no way to restore lost text, etc., but there is very
little in the way of lost text in this paper... it does however need work at
the folds and spine. Does anyone know where I can have such work done? I am
doing my best to preserve this piece of history, but attempts so far to
locate someone who can do this work for an individual have proven fruitless.
  I've contacted the Newseum in Arlington, Virginia...to no avail... I've
spoken with the folks at the Smithsonian in Washington...again to no avail.
I've conducted a search using AltaVista but find only how-to options. I need
someone who does this professionally, with a reputable company and am
willing to pay top dollar to restore this paper.
  Please help if you know of a company that fits the bill!

Ken Herrera- Associated Press, Washington DC

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