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artbreak talk

I don't know if very many others on this list are within striking distance
of Tucson, but if so -- I'm giving an "Artbreak" talk at the University of
Arizona Museum of Art this coming Wednesday, Feb. 18, at 12:15 pm, on
"Collaborations with the Text: Print, Poetry, and Visual Art," -- in part a
response to the Ed Colker exhibition currently up at the museum.

One exhibition I haven't heard about on this list, which I got to see last
week in San Diego -- at the Main Library, just inside the entrance, at
University of California, San Diego, is a show of printed works by Ian
Tyson which is very nice. Lots of letterpress and other kinds of
printmaking, most often involving typography and Tyson's own inimitable

For all book arts friends who came to my recent poetry readings in San
Diego, San Francisco, and Petaluma -- thank you very much.

charles alexander
chax press

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