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cuban binders

For more information, you may want to consult my article "The Cuban Poster
Crisis" which appeared in Communication Arts in October, 1994.

Cuban designers (and I would assume bookbinders as well) have severe
shortages of paper and ink. The article dealt with a group called The Cuban
Poster Project, in Berkeley, that successfully sued the US government.
Until 1991, the embargo prevented Americans from returning with any printed
material from Cuba. The poster project succesfully challenged this, arguing
that it is a breach of the Constitution which calls for freedom of the
press. Since the ruling, tourists are allowed to bring back one copy of a
printed poster or book (only one).

I would recommend contacting Lincoln Cushing who heads the project. He
might give anyone interested more information (call information, get the
number for "Inkworks" his print shop in area code 510).

-Philip Krayna

Philip Krayna
Four Eyes Design, SF

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