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paring machine blades

Well, this is an embarrasing question for me, since I supply BOTH the Brockman
and the Scharf-Fix, and I don't know the answer, exactly! Here's a little
input, and a promise to get more info:

Men's double edge razor BLADES are often made with the center holes designed
to fit ONLY a particular brand of razor. I suppose that is so that when you
buy the razon, you are forced to buy their brand of blade as well.

Therefore, SOME over-the-counter double edged blades have holes that won't fit
the Brockman.  One brand that IS known to work very well is Wilkinson Sword
blades. Quite frankly, I haven't looked lately to see how readily available
they are now. So first, see if your local pharmacy/drug store carries

Next, I have no idea if the Scharf-fix blades will work in a Brockman!  I went
into the warehouse so that I could check this out and answer everyone, and
found that I am temporarily out of stock on the Scharf-fix blades, so at the
moment I cannot try one in the Brockman to see if they are interchangeable.  I
already have more Scharf-fix blades on order, so when they come in (2 weeks?)
I will test them and see if they work in the Brockman.This is, of course,
unless anyone on the list currently owns BOTH brands and can check it out and
respond in the meantime?

In the meantime, try Wilkinsons for the Brockman.

Regards, Karen/Bookbinder's Warehouse

If I may be allowed a personal note: I would like to thank everyone on the
list who expressed concern when I went to California to be with my dad during
triple bypass after suffering TWO heart attacks since Christmas Day. He is
doing well and I thank you for your kind words.  In the meantime, my mother
(divorced) passed away (also in California) two weeks ago today after a long
and ugly illness. If any of you has not had response from me or my office to
e-mail, correspondence, orders or catalog/sample requests, please bear with
me. My office was really overburdened by my sudden departure and we are still
trying to catch up!

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