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Re: heat-set tissue

Bookmakers carries a new heat set tissue which does come in rolls.  It
is made by a German manufacturer.  I personally like it and would
recommend trying it.

Linda A. Blaser

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> Subject:      Re: heat-set tissue
> Scott Kellar wrote:
> >
> > I am currently unable to find a source for heat-set tissue in sheets
> or
> > rolls. Does anyone know where it can be procurred? Univ. Products,
> Gaylord,
> > BookMakers no longer carry it, so disregard what the catalogs may
> say. Thank
> > you.
> >
> > Scott Kellar
> > Chicago
> To scott et al,
> If you go to a Fabric shop, there are quite a number of different
> brands
> and applications for heatset tissue - as used in the garment industry
> for various apps.
> You might come across one which looks familiar and acts familiar as
> one
> you might have purchased through one of our traditional sources.
> That's how I found out it works quite well, especially if you have to
> use a fine handwoven silk as i did the other day. On open, rough
> structured fabrics, I use couloured wachs to color the tissue before
> applying it, to create an background whichs blends nicely in.
> regards,
> charles mohr

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